Song Effusive Ep 8 - A Love Sincere by Covenhoven

Song Effusive Episode 8 – A Love Sincere by Covenhoven

Thursday July 30th, 2015

By Cherie Rae Cobbs

After a long drive up I-35 the pines grow lush and thick, knowing and tall and we fall quiet because we are almost home. This might be the only home we have ever really known. This place is unpolished, erected by industry and it barks, smokes and bellows.

It is punctuated by stone beaches, it weeps of bygone dreams, ideas born come to lay in silence, where stain-glassed churches stand through generations on every other corner.

There are bridges that are said to sing, rust-covered railroad tracks headed always someplace else, the solemn, ghastly deep of countless ice water graves, where ships saddle up to the shore and dwarf one and all.

It is here though, on this sorted frontier that I feel the most myself.

I am invigorated, conscious and stand with purpose in my legs. My blood runs through these streets. It is here that my grandpa gave me sweets and tried to teach me how to draw, where I would double-over in joy because of his wild expressions and tall tales. It is here that my parents first met as kids. It's this house that always smells the same. We sit at the same small table, we celebrate and mourn in the same Belgian hall.

It is defined by countless chest-crushing hugs and laughter and a story that is well-understood amongst one and all.

It lives on for me eternal, as a mystery and the truth.

You've been listening to A Love Sincere by Joel Van Horne's Covenhoven.

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