Song Effusive Ep 6 - Say by Distant Correspondent

Song Effusive Episode 6 – Say by Distant Correspondent

Wednesday May 13th, 2015

By Cherie Rae Cobbs

One evening we set out for a walk into the woods with our friends. I was wearing crisp, white Keds and heavy charcoal eyeliner and felt pretty and happy to be near you. The air was muggy and the sky was lit with streaks of saffron. The scene ahead was dense, wooded and covered by emerald, velvet moss. It was the end of a hot summer day, when the baseball field lights out in the distance start to glow and kids are called in to take baths and settle for sleep.

We all walk single file, our arms stretched out to our sides so as to balance ourselves over rocks, refuse and branches and we’re choking on laughter and supposition all the way up the foothill. Here as always, I am the quiet one simply smiling at the back of a line of jesters. I am reserved, well-mannered, and I abide the rules. I do not stay out late or cause trouble. I walk in this pretty daisy chain without caution or concern because I am following you. Where you go, I want to go. The path you cross I will too. You leap over a mud puddle and laugh so I do too. You grab a tremendous stick as to fillet the night’s air and I watch fascinated.

We climb out of the wood into a clearing and our group of six start to pair-off and disperse. We are parted by instinct, we are set apart by some undefined belief. You are absurd and brimming with stories and you’re happy. For once, for a moment, we are far from all that would reduce us below. I don’t want to leave and it is exactly here that I remember you most.

There is nothing else that matters. You are tall and beautiful and for a tiny second, you are mine. I wait an eternity for something to happen in this state of bliss and panic. I think you might be holding my hands but I can’t be sure.

And just like that, the spell is broken. My senses catch up to me in a rush like an analog videotape engaged in fast-forward mode and I know it’s time to go. Our friends have already started running, laughing and tumbling down the backside of the hill and we will be soon, too soon follow suit.

You’re listening to Distant Correspondent and this is the mesmerizing song, Say.…ondent-say

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