Song Effusive Ep 5 - Winter in the Pub by Kissing Party

Song Effusive Episode 5 – Winter In The Pub by Kissing Party

Wednesday May 6th, 2015

By Cherie Rae Cobbs

One night the ground was a veneer of February ice. I was walking with my best friends and we were loading gear from the venue to the van in the dead of winter this one last time. “…Once more unto the breach, dear friends…” whispers Shakespeare into my heart.

We all piled into the hollow of our army green van and the heat was slow to blow out of the dusty vents. Our collective breath begged the fog to crawl up the windows and in no time, all we saw were the blurs of highway lights on the deepest, darkest night. Inside we were animated, alert and alive. We recounted the music, our friends, and our siblings in song.

Here it is always an exaggeration of emotion, reliving the highs and lows. The energy rises and falls like wild ocean waves with each aspect revealed and the moments become bigger because we share them in this way and it is somehow religious. We tell and retell so as not to forget?

Of course we knew that this treasured time was slipping out of our hands or hearts or lives in one way or another.

Of course we understood that nothing would ever be the same again. But there are times that you feel so much love that every single nook that might allow for doubt is taken, occupied, cannot be moved, amended or altered.

Here for a minute we are flying high. In this perfect hour at the end of the longest day, we are in love in the way that we may never know again. I’m terrified of the dawn. I want things to stay the same. But there is nothing to stop what is happening and there is no way to undo.

So I lock them up inside, in repose or relief, so that no locksmith could ever defeat and no one can ever replicate or even reach.

You’ve been listening to ‘Winter in the Pub’ by Kissing Party and this is the Song Effusive Podcast.

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