Song Effusive Ep 4 - Rebirths by Joseph Childress

Song Effusive Episode 4 – Rebirths by Joseph Childress

Friday, May 1st, 2015

By Cherie Rae Cobbs

I sit out here sometimes before the sun gets too low in the late afternoon sky. I think of you here sometimes too as I lay down lazy on this feeble wicker bench that’s too short to accommodate the length of my legs, so I tuck and tangle them for comfort.

There are pillows too that I arrange just so and my face folds into one now to afford a deep, earthy breath.

It smells very simply of outdoors. It smells of the seasons I suppose, some potpourri of dried leaves, rainwater and whatever the wind from the western slope brings into this secluded cove. This material is worn and faded but still quite ample and firm, so it supports my head which is often racing and uneasy until it resolves to quiet itself into a managed lull.

And from this spot, I recall the times we’ve spent here together.

I see you through a dreamy kaleidoscope. You’re saying something to me in the way that you do, without quite looking at me, with your head tilted which allows the light into your pretty eyes. Here you squint, intimate and shrug, you look away and then come back and meanings are easily understood.

You are perfect.

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