Plume Varia Explores Isolation and Desperation in New Single, Hold On To Me

Plume Varia - Hold On To Me

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     The new single, Hold On To Me, is Plume Varia's first release since the couple relocated from Denver to the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico earlier this year (moving the very week that quarantine hit in March).  They were not only moving away from familiar neighborhoods, family and friends, but then immediately found themselves entrenched in the isolation of New Mexico mountains, during a once in a century global pandemic.  Hold On To Me, recorded by Plume Varia and mixed by LA's Fred Archambault (Gary Numan, Avenge Sevenfold, Atreyu, Panic at the Disco!) is an exploration and ode to the uniqueness that has been 2020.  Hold On To Me navigates the reality we all have experienced this year; that no matter how much we try to keep positive, stay engaged, 'do all the things', we are still susceptible to those times when we find ourselves sliding into despair, yearning for something or someone to hold on to.

Hold On To Me will be available for purchase direct from Plume Varia at their bandcamp page and on SpotifyItunes, Amazon Music, Apple Music and all major digital platforms on 12/11/20

     Plume Varia is the indie/dreampop duo of Shon and Cherie Cobbs from Placitas New Mexico (by way of Denver CO) and are most at home with fans of Beach House, Chelsea Wolfe, Lana Del Ray, Portishead, Wye Oak, Mazzy Star, Peter Murphy, etc.  Plume Varia's debut album Fact | Fiction was produced by and features David J Haskins of Bauhaus/Love & Rockets, as well as Josh Freese of NIN, Devo, Sting, etc. Launching in 2013, the duo made their mark in the Denver music scene, being nominated multiple years in a row for the Westword Music Awards and winning in 2018. They have been featured in Paste Magazine's Daytrotter, NPR, PBS, The Denver Post, The Denver Westword, and many national and international music blogs. They've had the pleasure of opening for National acts such as Peter Murphy, Gang of Four, Dada, Pure Bathing Culture, Har Mar Superstar, In The Valley Below, Avec Sans, Handsome Ghost, Jolie Holland, She Keeps Bees, Echos, Soko, Rogue Valley, Parellels, Sound of Ceres, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake and many more.

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Plume Varia - Hold On To Me - Press Photos and Lyrics


Hold On To Me

Been drinking more than I ever cared
much to say
Buying it all up, anticipate
Crushed candy sunsets, 
wide open spaces dream
Been counting hours now leaving me
missing everything

Hold on to me
Slipping underneath
Hold on to me
Living in between
Cause all that's new is old
all that's new is old
all that's new is old

Fighting to stay up, out and clean
tried all the things
Fronting sleeping, sweating, fretting
Don't you know I'm
binging friendships, murder mystery
rerun haze
Meditate, create, assimilate
virtual faith

Hold on to me
Slipping underneath
It's not lost on me
Living in a dream
Cause all that's new is old
all that's new is old
all that's new is old
all that's new is old (repeat)

Previous Reviews of Plume Varia:

"Denver’s dream pop duo Plume Varia recently released their debut LP ‘Fact | Fiction‘, produced by David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets) and is nothing less than brilliant. Cherie Cobbs’ pristine and mesmerizing vocals with textures of Shon Cobbs’ cascading melodies take you down a waterfall from fact to fiction and back again. Hints of the past can be heard throughout the album with elements of  Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, and Love and Rockets yet is still very much uniquely theirs. David J also lends his voice to the intro’s hauntingly beautiful and deep thoughts on what is real and what is not." - Judy Lyon - Torched Magazine 08/27/17

"Making that album was a joy...The music is so sophisticated and beautiful. Cherie is a wonderful singer and Shon, a musical architect. It was also great to have other brilliant musicians around who were working on their own albums but who were drawn like desert moths to the light of Plume Varia and inevitably ended up contributing to the record. Being out there in the middle of nowhere made for a very immersive experience. It was one of my all time favorite recording experiences. We got lost in the beautiful scary world of Fact/Fiction!” ~ David J Haskins (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets) - Torched Magazine 08/27/17



"With Cherie's rich, haunting voice and the overall melodic caress of the sound, Plume Varia is reminiscent of some bands out of the classic 4AD catalogue while forging its own path" - Tom Murphy - The Denver Westword 02/08/2016

"Plume Varia took the stage and slayed their set. With somber tone and dark synths that creep into your soul like shadows in a horror movie, this band just leaves you standing there numb..." - Live review of Westword Music Showcase set on 6/21/14 - Johnny Symmes, SYFFAL

"...Cherie’s voice, which has the same sparse, sultry power of Lana Del Ray. War can be isolating and lonely, but with war is also about forward movement, which the music beneath the voice imparts." - 12/29/15 Josh Johnson, Denver Post Reverb

"Totally carried away by the midnight, thrilling piano pop that this Denver duo has crafted. Prize is a haunting piece of melancholy pop with Cherrie’s deep, alluring voice controlling a lost in the woods experience with the red riding hood to switch between Lana Del Rey and Cat Power. Remember this name: Plume Varia!" - Sound Injections, Athens Greece - 03/2013

"it’s an ideal fall album, dripping with the minor keys and chilly detachment of The xx, or Haskins’ Bauhaus, an overt influence. The band cuts some genuine opal “At Sea,” which dresses decision paralysis in a long, dark veil." - Dylan Owens - The Denver Post 09/08/17

"You can practically hear the gentle fall of snow and see the drift at the tail end of a mid-winter storm in the melancholic and melodic music on the duo's debut EP, Prize Enable. It has the same chilling-yet-stirring, darkly hypnotic quality that made Chelsea Wolfe's Pain Is Beauty, also released last year, so striking. A sense of movement characterizes Plume Varia's compositions, but the pace is still deliciously languid, recalling down-tempo bands like Portishead and nightmarish dream-pop acts like Cranes. The Cobbs developed their sound beyond the promise of that debut EP by playing the underground circuit in Denver, but Plume Varia won't stay obscure for long." - Tom Murphy - The Denver Westword - 3/2014

"Plume Varia are Minneapolis folks that moved to Denver — their amazingly moody electronic-tinged torch music reminds me of a cross between the moodiest bits of David Sylvian in the mid-80s and, dunno, Wye Oak maybe? It’s great damn stuff, all atmosphere and slow grooves, so expect a few tears" - March 2015 - L'etoile Magazine