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"Cobbs’ rich, quavering voice is highlighted by minimal instrumentation and backed by a howling chorus, illuminating our dark night of the soul. It is an ode to the liminal space between divine purpose and ennui, that restless mindlessness. It is a dreamy, wine-soaked, stress-eaten ode to our despondency, dripping with regret, grief, and a need for elusive comfort." - Alice Teeple - - 12/11/2020


"Plume Varia released this somber, hypnotic piano ballad just before the start of Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights. The holiday celebrates resistance, tradition and light amid overwhelming darkness, but the duo's track illuminates the current mourning following the massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue and evidence of rising anti-Semitism. Yet its quiet layers also build to a powerful, haunting progression." - Katie Moulton - Denver Westword

Plume Varia's simple, quiet song is a profound gift to a people in mourning, preparing for a reflective holiday and struggling with the question of how to resist a new wave of hate." - Kyle Harris - Denver Westword - 2018


"Denver’s dream pop duo Plume Varia recently released their debut LP ‘Fact | Fiction‘, produced by David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets) and is nothing less than brilliant. Cherie Cobbs’ pristine and mesmerizing vocals with textures of Shon Cobbs’ cascading melodies take you down a waterfall from fact to fiction and back again. Hints of the past can be heard throughout the album with elements of  Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, and Love and Rockets yet is still very much uniquely theirs. David J also lends his voice to the intro’s hauntingly beautiful and deep thoughts on what is real and what is not." - Judy Lyon - Torched Magazine 08/27/17

“It was a wonderful experience. Very talented couple. Making that album was a joy as they were so open to my direction. Trust! The music is so sophisticated and beautiful. Cherie is a wonderful singer and Shon, a musical architect. It was also great to have other brilliant musicians around who were working on their own albums but who were drawn like desert moths to the light of Plume Varia and inevitably ended up contributing to the record. Being out there in the middle of nowhere made for a very immersive experience. It was one of my all time favorite recording experiences. We got lost in the beautiful scary world of Fact/Fiction!” ~ David J - Torched Magazine 08/27/17


"With Cherie's rich, haunting voice and the overall melodic caress of the sound, Plume Varia is reminiscent of some bands out of the classic 4AD catalogue while forging its own path" - Tom Murphy - The Denver Westword 02/08/2016

"it’s an ideal fall album, dripping with the minor keys and chilly detachment of The xx, or Haskins’ Bauhaus, an overt influence. The band cuts some genuine opal gems out of its murky, high-concept headspace here, like “At Sea,” which dresses decision paralysis in a long, dark veil." - Dylan Owens - The Denver Post 09/08/17

"The music itself is also deeply thoughtful and deliberate. Colorado’s music scene has long been flush with funky, jammy players who are out to uplift, which makes Plume Varia feel like a corrective as it emphasizes mood and reflection. " - July 2015 - Second Story Garage

"Plume Varia are Minneapolis folks that moved to Denver — their amazingly moody electronic-tinged torch music reminds me of a cross between the moodiest bits of David Sylvian in the mid-80s and, dunno, Wye Oak maybe? It’s great damn stuff, all atmosphere and slow grooves, so expect a few tears" - March 2015 - L'etoile Magazine

"The lonesome, downtempo, hazy lush pop of husband and wife, Shon and Cherie Cobbs is hauntingly gorgeous, with Cherie’s voice a centerpiece throughout. Venor|Forge straddles a fence between post-rock and pop that is delicate and dark, but new and modern, despite the half-century-ago setting." - 2/1/15 Brian Johnson - Marquee Magazine

"...Cherie’s voice, which has the same sparse, sultry power of Lana Del Ray. War can be isolating and lonely, but with war is also about forward movement, which the music beneath the voice imparts." - 12/29/15 Josh Johnson, Denver Post Reverb

"The release deeply resonates with the listener long after the tracks have finished. Vernor|Forge sounds more like the work of a massive electronic symphony comprised of mythological beings rather than a project recorded in the home of a Mile High City husband and wife." - Alli Andress AXS

"...Plume Varia who are a self-described Dream Pop duo. I’m not going to mince words here, their set was excellent. The husband and wife team of Cherie and Shon Cobbs cast a spell on the audience with their hypnotic, haunting, soulful songs that filled the room with an eternal sense of longing. Shon’s programming and production work created intelligent, firm terrain that enabled Cherie’s piano and vocal lines to soar into the star-filled sky and back down through your soul." - Live Review of 10/25/14 show at the Hi Dive in Denver - Colorado Music Seen

"Plume Varia took the stage and slayed their set. With somber tone and dark synths that creep into your soul like shadows in a horror movie, this band just leaves you standing there numb..." - Live review of Westword Music Showcase set on 6/21/14 - Johnny Symmes, SYFFAL

"You can practically hear the gentle fall of snow and see the drift at the tail end of a mid-winter storm in the melancholic and melodic music on the duo's debut EP, Prize Enable. It has the same chilling-yet-stirring, darkly hypnotic quality that made Chelsea Wolfe's Pain Is Beauty, also released last year, so striking. A sense of movement characterizes Plume Varia's compositions, but the pace is still deliciously languid, recalling down-tempo bands like Portishead and nightmarish dream-pop acts like Cranes. The Cobbs developed their sound beyond the promise of that debut EP by playing the underground circuit in Denver, but Plume Varia won't stay obscure for long." - Tom Murphy - The Denver Westword - 3/2014

"...applied with a deeply demurred torch trimming upon a divinely spectral neo classical astral love note traced in the most alluring nocturnal noir soul motifs, a lunar apparition buoyed on the merest of vapour trailed whispers, in short perfection."  - The Sunday Experience, Liverpool UK - 12/2013

"...Cherie's magnificent voice floating over a minimalist piano accompaniment, all thrown into a shadowy hinterland by Shon. It's affecting and moving, and if you ever loved the painfully intense soundscapes of This Mortal Coil, you may find yourself falling for these songs big time." - Isolation Records, UK - 03/2014

"...They have that sort of Portishead vibe with heavy drum and piano heavy layered instruments. The vocals are sexually reminiscent of an old school smoky lounge singer.Put on a fine suit, get a scotch on the rocks, and max out to this little ditty."- SYFFAL, US - 02/2014

"I love the noise emanating from metro Denver these days. I tell you now: I have not been disappointed lately in the rich tunes this town is writing. And just when I think I’ve turned over most of the rocks, a husband-wife duo comes along and hypnotizes my face. As someone who also makes “spouse music,” it is particularly exciting for me to give the Stubborn Sounds thumbs up to Plume Varia." - Stubborn Sounds Music Media, Colorado  - 02/2014

"Writing for Rift has given me the opportunity to hear a lot of great local music, but I love stumbling upon the rare song, or songs, that blow me away and Plume Varia’s blew me away."  - Rift Magazine, Minneapolis MN - 04/2013

"Upon first listening to Plume Varia, I was stunned. I found myself completely immersed in the music, it was like being incased in a title wave of emotion; and I didn't want to be set free from it.  One listen to Plume Varia and you'll mind will be wondering through the dark atmosphere with the stars. Plume Varia has an intensity in which I haven't heard in a very long time."  - Sparrow Music Blog, US - 12/2013

"Plume Varia’s “Bend” is a masterfully composed song with a plethora of well arranged musical layers that all come together seamlessly and contribute to the overall mesmerizing appeal of the song. Poetic lyricism and intricate, yet well executed, minimalist production provides the perfect sound landscape for Plume Varia’s ethereal vocals." -  - 02/2014

"Totally carried away by the midnight, thrilling piano pop that this Denver duo has crafted. Prize is a haunting piece of melancholy pop with Cherrie’s deep, alluring voice controlling a lost in the woods experience with the red riding hood to switch between Lana Del Rey and Cat Power. Remember this name: Plume Varia!" - Sound Injections, Athens Greece - 03/2013